Would You Enjoy The Awesome Golden Trout Lakes Membership?

 Awesome Golden Trout Lakes Membership- Who Is It For?
First, let me say that there are no newly discovered lakes in the golden trout fishing articles I have written. They have all be there for hundreds or thousands of years.

Of course, not every lake in the sierra have fish and not every lake in the sierra have golden trout. The Awesome golden trout Lakes membership can save you miles of hiking searching for a good lake to fish.

Are These New or undefined Golden Trout Lakes?

I would say this is split about 50/50. About half of the lakes are unnamed and well away from any trails so, in my mind they would be relatively unknown.

The other half would likely be known to trout fisherman who have spent time in the eastern sierra or who may have backpacked to these lakes as a young person with a family member who fished for golden trout.

For those who are new to backpacking or are new to backpacking in the eastern sierra or have backpacked along common routes and paths in the sierra, all the lakes discussed are likely to be unknown.

Why I Wrote The Awesome Golden Trout Lake Articles.

The truth is that I wrote about these lakes more as a backpacker than a fisherman. The value of the articles is in the description of the routes taken and the conditions I experienced along the way. The lakes, for me, were only the destination. The hikes themselves were far more memorable.

You could enjoy the Awesome golden trout Lake articles without even ever going in to the high sierra.

I had one gentleman write to me to say that, as a boy, he had gone to many of the lakes with his father. He found the articles notalgic, and they fondly reminded him of his childhood and his trips in to the high country with his father. I found his letter very moving and eyeopening as to who mighttt enjoy this guide.

So, yes its true that none of the golden trout lakes I have written about are new and most would likely be known to avid backpacking fisherman but I believe everyone can enjoy and learn from the description and information contained in each of these articles. The articles were written to memorialize my adventures high in the sierra and provide valuable information to anyone looking for a backpacking adventure or who only wants to revisit fond childhood memories.