Awesome Golden Trout Lakes

In this 70 page guide I reveal the best lakes in the Eastern Sierra to fish for golden trout.
The guide is composed of 10 articles that detail the pass I crossed to reach each lake along with
photos, maps and ratings of critcal elements of each lake including altitude, difficulty,
water, camping and, of course fishing! Click the button to learn more and join the membership!


Welcome To High Sierra Rambles

I created High Sierra Rambles to share my love for the high country of the California Sierra. Especially the Sierra Crest which towers above the Owens Valley along Highway 395. Perhaps you have heard of Mt. Whitney? At 14,505 feet Whitney is the tallest peak in the contiguous United States. Whitney is not alone in the 14,000+ foot class of peaks in the Sierra. There are a total of 10 peaks measuring 14,000 + feet including Langley, Muir, Tyndall and Williamson.

I backpacked in the Eastern Sierra for many years and love to share my adventures in this incredibly beautiful part of the world.

I also love to share my love for my home away from home Yosemite Valley. One of the great wonders on earth. I love the  history of Yosemite from the Native Americans who inhabited it for thousands of years before the gold rush of 1849 brought european gold seekers to the area and led to the demise of its earliest inhabitants. This led to other famous european inhabitants  like John Muir, James Mason Hutchings, Galen Clark among others.

I love to spend time in the great groves of Sequoia Gigantea that are found in Yosemite National Park. They are among the largest living things on earth!

I hope you enjoy your visit to  High Sierra Rambles and my little window in to this amazing country.

Ok then, Lets Ramble!


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