How To Spin Fish for Trout – Fishing Basics

Today, let’s talk about how easy it is to get into spin fishing for trout.

You really don’t need much to do that, just a medium light action spinning rod, some line, some snap swivels, and some lures.

It also helps to have something to unhook your fish like a pair of forceps, pretty cheap and inexpensive, maybe some clippers, but you can do it pretty inexpensively and you don’t even have to carry much with you.

I usually put everything in to a tin box saved from some gum or throat lozenges.

I generally take about 6-8 lures and some snap swivels.

What I have here for spin fishing for trout, an important thing you want is a snap swivel. It avoids a lot of line twist and it gives the spoon or spinner that you’re going to use. I generally go with a gold Kastmaster lure weighing 1oz. You need to go with a weightier lure so you can get a good cast in to the wind.

There are a variety of knots. Two of the common ones that work really well are the improved cinch knot and also the trilene knot.

How to tie the improvedch knot

How to tie a trilene knot

I tend to use the trilene knot pretty frequently, and with that knot you want to go through the eye, this will be kind of hard to see, twice, holding the little loop that you just made open and then wrap the line around about three to four times the uh the leader part like that, if you can see that, and then just put that through both loops.