Where Are The Best Lakes To Fish For Golden Trout?
Greetings! My name is Dan Franklin 
I have been backpacking in the eastern sierra for the past 15 years and have visited most, if not all of the best lakes to fish for golden trout.

I decided to write detailed articles about each of the best golden trout lakes to share with others who have the same desire to get out in to the wilderness, get away from it all, enjoy the beauty and adventure that the high country along the eastern sierra has to offer.

These articles were written to give other backpackers and golden trout fisherman insight in to the best golden trout lakes found in the sierra.

Find Out Where The Best Golden Trout Lakes Are
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Each Golden Trout Lake Article
Provides The Following In-Depth Information:
The name, location  of each of the passes I crosssed to reach each golden trout lake
Photos  taken along each route to give you perspective on what you are going to encounter
Water is most important on the trip. I tell you where the water sources are along the way (seasonal)
A good camp site is critical in these areas. I tell you the best place to camp at or near each lake.
Altitude maps showing the changes from waypoints along the route such as trailhead, lakes, streams and, of course, the pass
The frequency and size of the fish caught in each lake from my own personal experience 
 Rankings of each lake based on difficulty to reach, camping, water,size and frequency of catch 
Bears are always a concern in the wild. I will let you know if bears are a know issue at each of the lakes.
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Awesome Golden Trout Lakes Of The Eastern Sierra
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In most cases you will need a wilderness permit to enter in to these areas. I provide direct links to current trail conditions and wilderness permit information
Fire is always a concern in the sierra. I provide direct links so you can find out if there are any fires burning in the area you wish to visit and whether these fires will affect your experience.
Water is always a concern. I provide information on where water is available and where it is scarce. (*information is based on my experience  and may now be different.)
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Awesome Golden Trout Lakes Of The Eastern Sierra
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The golden trout are not native to the high sierra lakes. This article explains how they came to exist in the highest lakes of the Eastern Sierra
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