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Places To Visit In Yosemite Valley #6- Yosemite Sequoia

by yosemint
Where To Find Yosemite Sequoia  Many visitors to Yosemite want to see “The Big Trees” or the “Giant Sequoia“. These amazing giants are unique to the western slopes of the sierra nevada mountain range and, even there only grow in certain climates at certain elevations. To read about them is no comparison to standing next to one. Where can you do this?   Yosemite Sequoia Groves  There are 3 main groves of Giant Sequoia in Yosemite National Park. Interestingly they are near the 3 main western entrances to the park. Mariposa Grove Of Giant Sequoia The most popular place to see Yosemite sequoia is at The Mariposa Grove. […]

Places To Visit In Yosemite Valley- #5 Yosemite Apple Trees

by yosemint
Yosemite Apple Trees- Yosemite's Oldest Living Pioneer Yosemite Apple Trees date back to the early pioneer days. The apple trees might possibly be the oldest living things in the Yosemite Valley. There are 3 distinct apple orchards in Yosemite Valley. James C. Lamon first came to the Yosemite Valley in 1859. He came to help build the “Upper Hotel” which was owned John Hite and stood near the spot where the Sentinel Bridge now stands. That same year Lamon filed a preemption claim on some acres located at the east end of the valley near Camp Curry and beneath the stony […]